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Sheri ([personal profile] trexphile) wrote2017-04-18 03:11 pm


OMG, it's done already! AND I've got all my LJ icons here, too, because I went ahead and got a six-month Paid account here. Ready to rock and roll! Well, as soon as I have some actual readers here, heh...
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Hi! *waves*
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And thanks! And ooh! If she came here, you'd come to visit, right?? :D
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I just put you in my reader's circle. :) Welcome! Soooo glad to see you here. ♥

I may get a paid subscription, too, although I don't use half of the icons I put up. I'll have to take a look around and see what other benefits it would bring me. I suspect I will also have more layout designs as well, which I'd like.
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*waves* I've added you - I've been crossposting from here for some time- it was easier the last time LJ started having issues